Welcome to Travel Master Sweden

Travel Master Sweden is a privatly owned agency based in Marstrand, Sweden. We started the operation in November 2000 (in Malmö), and our main objectives are group & conference travel, incentives and team-buildings, but also a small part of VIP and boardmeeting groups. As a "full-service" travel agent we also help our clients with individual business- and sport travel. 
Travel Master Sweden is "official supplier" to Hello Sweden (see presentation below).

Teresa Svensson  - 25 years experience with group & conference travel, individual sports travel and the airline industry

Linda Bodin - 7 years experience within the airline industry and business & leisure travel

The owner of Travel Master Sweden is Tomas Kaiser, who also is the owner of our sister company Hello Sweden. Hello Sweden was founded in Sweden in the beginning of 1980´s by Tomas Kaiser, a former Formel-3000 racer. During Mr Kaiser's active years, he had many sponsors that actively supported him and the bonds grew stronger over the years. These bonds (the sponsors) became known as "Hello Sweden". When Mr Kaiser decided to leave the racing world in 1983, Hello Sweden continued its work.

Today Hello Sweden sponsors Swedish sportsmen and women within golf, tennis, racing, skiing (both down-hill and cross-country), athletics and sailing. In order to finance the sponsorship, Hello Sweden represents 100 Swedish companies (Volvo, General Electrics, Astra, SAS, Goodyear etc) that contribute to the sponsor activities. As added value Hello Sweden, in co-operation with Travel Master Sweden, arranges conferences, incentives and team-building activities all over the world for these companies. 


Link to some more information about our staff (in Swedish).

The team

Travel Master Sweden AB

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